A peek into the life of Judy Spring

Judy Spring 'All Smiles' as she begins another day at Durham.
Judy Spring ‘All Smiles’ as she begins another day at Durham. Photo by Remona Pillai

With a twinkle in her eye and a broad smile across her face, Judy Spring has been spreading her charm around Durham College for the past 13 years.


After dedicating a lot of her life to Durham College, the dean of IT and Business Management, Spring still has the same thrill and dedication towards the college and her students.


Spring has been a dean at Durham College for many years now, but life hasn’t gotten monotonous.


“I’m never bored, I look forward to every day and I’m never bored,” she said.


She is an active member of the college gym and does Pilates every Monday.


Spring is grateful for being a faculty member Durham College.


She is much more than a dean at Durham College. She is a wife, mother of two, grandmother of five and a travel addict. She hangs a world map on her wall and marks down every place she visits.


She strikes off Florida as she prepares to set out on a long vacation with her family.


Spring said she is still learning in life. Her grandson taught her a new card game the other day.


She also wants to visit India as her daughter had already been there and she hopes to strike India off her list someday.


Aside from travel, she enjoys her job and the responsibilities that come with it. She says that all the lecturers and co-workers have been extremely friendly and helpful throughout her time at Durham College.


Being a dean can be challenging, she said, because she mainly meets students to address their bad behaviour. Managing such situations needs to be done carefully to avoid any repercussions.


Seeing new students every year is something Spring cherishes.


“I don’t have a personal interaction with the students, but seeing them graduate from Durham is surely a feeling of sheer joy.”





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Remona Maria Pillai is a second-year journalism student at Durham College. When it comes to writing and reporting, she enjoys covering entertainment, social issues and community events. She likes to spend her spare time reading, singing and socializing. Remona hopes to be an on-air presenter or field reporter following graduation.