A journey worth cherishing

Durham College is filled with students of all diversities, some local, and a great range of international or who have homes outside Durham region.

Durham College has a medical centre for students to access, but unfortunately the clinic can only take so many people at once, and is full a lot of the time. This makes it hard for students that live further away from the college and don’t have family doctors close by, as well as walk-in clinics that only accept patients with their family doctor there.

Katie Coupland student at Durham College who lives close to the North Oshawa Medical Centre disagrees with the walk-in clinics that don’t accept patients without a family doctor.

“I think it’s a disadvantage because those with family doctors in the building, were always seen first. I’ve been going to that clinic for about 10 years…I don’t think that they realize that the clinic is in a low-income area. Most people who frequented the walk-in, walked there,” says Coupland.

Not only are students who live close to the college having problems of accessing a clinic, but those who have family doctors further away as well. Several students at Durham College, including Ben Hicks and Megan Vivian spoke up about their issues with having access to a doctor regularly, when their family doctor is out of area.

“My doctor is in Scarborough,” says Megan Vivian who studies court support services at Durham College. “It’s hard to get to book an appointment, to find a way down there, and to find a family doctor here as well is really hard.”

Students that live out of the Oshawa campus area are in a predicament. The campus’ student medical centre may sometimes have an open spot for students, but those who are needed regularly will have to continuously re-address their health concerns.

“It’s pretty hard to access a clinic in Oshawa regularly,” says Ben Hicks—whose family doctor is in New Brunswick. “I tried the one off Ritson, I think, and got shut down. I went to the school’s clinic and they told me to wait two weeks for my family doctor to fax the information to them.”

It is hard for student’s that live further away from Oshawa, or have family doctors outside of Durham region to access a regular clinic, but there are a couple things a student can choose to do in order to ensure their health is looked after.

As of now it looks like there is only one walk-in clinic in Oshawa that doesn’t accept people who do not already have a family doctor there.
Students can ask their doctors to send their information from their hometowns to the college ahead of time to reduce the wait of being seen, and can visit the walk-in clinic’s that accept any patient, even those without a family d