The Tour for Humanity stops in Oshawa!



Students interact with educators, videos play on built-in entertainment screens and incredible lessons are taught… it’s the Tour for Humanity.

The tour, which stopped at Kedron Public School in Oshawa last month, consists of a 30 seat, state of the art, mobile education centre and teaches students the consequences of hate and the importance of human rights.

“The Tour for Humanity is a unique and powerful tool for teaching young people about critical issues, including justice, freedom, democracy and human rights,” says President and CEO Avi Benlolo. He explains that the tour is designed to teach the “tragic consequences of hate,” and to spark positive changes within communities.

Based in Toronto, the use of the mobile education centre has allowed the tour to reach more children across the GTA.

Daniella Lurion, Educational Assistant for the tour, says that the important messages portrayed on the tour needed to travel to a wider audience, and so the Tour for Humanity was formed.

The tour is founded by the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies, and has been in operation since last year. More than 50,000 Ontario students have had the chance to participate in workshops highlighting the importance of human rights and freedom.

“We talk about the idea of prejudice, so you’re pre-judging someone. It starts off with a game, where I’m asking about myself and I ask them how old do you think I am? What’s my background? Things like that, which is sort of mundane, but it gets them (the students) thinking about the idea of stereotypes and judging people on what they look like,” says Lurion.

There are three different 45-minute presentations available to students on the tour. They include workshops dealing with universal genocide and the Holocaust, world heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr., historical Canadian events and anti-Semitism.

After the workshop concludes, teachers are provided with additional material to continue the learning within the classroom.

“The goal of the organization, is to counter racism and anti-Semitism and to do our best to promote principles of tolerance, social justice and Canadian democratic values,” says Sara Greenfield, Education Director for the tour.