Conlin Road construction to be completed this summer

CONSTRUCTION: Conlin Road and Founders Drive near DC-UOIT campus.


Conlin Road near the joint DC-UOIT campus has been under construction since fall of 2013 and it will be completed in late summer 2015.


The road is getting an $8-million renovation that includes a modern roundabout at Conlin Road and Thornton Road that will help with the flow of traffic from the Highway 407 extension.


According to Gary Carroll, Director of Engineering Services for the City of Oshawa, the road will also see fixes such as, the realignment of the Oshawa Creek so that they can build up the road.


They’ll also be building a high level structure over top of the creek which will allow for the current two lane rural road to become a four lane road which will also have sidewalks, curbs and cycling paths near the campus.


The City of Oshawa hasn’t been working on the road as much because the melting snow weakens the concrete. The lesser workload started on March 1st and the city will start again in approximately six weeks.

According to Carroll the project is almost three quarters of the way done.


“In mid-to-late April we will be starting this project up again and it needs about two-three months before we’re totally finished,” said Carroll.


They hope to have a ‘grand opening ‘ in late July 2015.

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