Technology is taking over and we are letting it happen

TECH: The written word isn’t popular anymore with technology taking over. Aaron Nadon is done with paper and moves to a laptop instead.

Today’s society is a hurry-up-and-get-it-done-now place. We no longer have to write out letters, stamp them and mail them out. Now we email, Facebook or use any other social media platform of your choice.

We’ve become dependent on these technologies and, therefore, become less productive as a society.

Factory workers, who once did everything by hand, now stand on a line doing the same thing over and over again. They could become less likely to care whether it is done right and more about when their shift ends.

People also no longer feel the need to communicate with each other face-to-face.

We are in a time of technological bells and whistles.

Send a photo with Snapchat, text them a short form message, send a link through Facebook and tweet them an interesting read.

All this ‘conversation’ but you haven’t seen each other face-to-face in who knows how long.

The problem with the automation of society is that people are starting to stray away from the very things that made us so strong.

Our ancestors years ago were successful hunter and gatherers to survive. They were productive and led a more satisfying, healthy lifestyle.

They set tasks and accomplished them, which helped their self-worth climb. This allowed them to lead a happy life with their family and friends working towards common goals.

Nowadays, society for the most part takes advantage of the fast food industry, overeating out of boredom. We substitute chemical-ridden food for the sake of immediacy.

We are in an instant gratification society where if you have to put hard work, sweat and tears into something, it’s not worth doing.

This is a cause for worry because it will only get worse as each generation gets deeper into the technology cycle.

We are creating drones that deliver mail, cars that drive on their own and even cars that have sensors on to tell you what to do, everything from telling you directions to parking.

What would our society do if we were to suddenly lose the technology we rely on so much?

We would crumble as a civilization.

People who grew up with Google wouldn’t know how to access information, people who relied on fast food wouldn’t know how to cook or find food, people who use strictly social media to talk wouldn’t know how to send a written letter.

But we can fix this.

We can have technology and still be successful as a society. We just need to keep ourselves aware of where we came from and why we have been successful over time.

We need to remember to log off, power off and enjoy life without technology.

You could start by setting limits. Only allow yourself an hour of ‘social media’ time or set a list of things you must do before logging on.

We need to make sure we accomplish a few things per day that don’t require us to plug in so that we can save our society from making itself useless.

Go for a coffee with your friends, reorganize your house or pick up a book you have been meaning to read.

The future looks dim for humans if we let technology takeover.

Then we will be left doing nothing but reacting to the robots who do all the work.

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