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Starbucks is brewing a new evening menu that includes beer, but it won’t be arriving on UOIT or Durham College soil.

‘Starbucks Evenings’, a new menu to be served that includes beer, wine, and late night tapas, has been officially announced in select Canadian cities.
Currently, there are Starbucks evening menu concept stores in some U.S. cities.
“We are currently looking at expanding this experience to Canada in select stores by the end of the year,” said Luisa Girotto, director of public affairs at Starbucks Canada.

Starbucks Evening menu starts after 4 p.m. to regular closing times.
However, according to John Kerr, food service director for the DC-UOIT library café, the evening menu will not be arriving at the school.
“The Starbucks on campus is not a licensed Starbucks, it’s a licensee agreement called ‘We Proudly Brew’,” says Kerr.
According to Kerr, a licensed Starbucks is on the wish list for DC-UOIT but there are official plans yet.
There are currently three Starbucks locations in Oshawa, but Starbucks Canada plans to expand. The company hopes to open 100 stores a year over the next five years.
According to Girotto, Starbucks Canada will be making significant investments in innovation this year due to coffee sales falling flat.
According to a media report, NPD Group, a market research firm, McDonalds Café, bumped Starbucks to the third largest coffee player by market share in Canada after Tim Hortons.
“I think it’s going to be a huge hit here, creating new job opportunities and a new place to go,” says Derek Laschuk, shift supervisor at the store on Thickson road in Whitby. “A coffee date is a typical first date for many, but now we can offer a late night date after a movie or just a quiet intimate yet casual hangout alternative.”
The world’s largest coffee chain has a revamp planned for Canada in 2015, according to Starbucks Canada President Rossann Williams.
Starbucks evenings will arrive in Canada by the end of the year but no locations are confirmed.