DC-UOIT’s annual job fair a success

Students and employers network at the job fair.
Students and employers network at the job fair.


More than 1,500 students attended DC-UOIT’s annual job fair all in search of their dream job, or at least something that pays enough. A wide variety of organizations filled the gym Feb. 4. Health services, police services, financial companies and even a summer camp expressed their interest in students.

The majority of organizations in attendance are local businesses but some students are willing to travel great distances for work.

“I would go to Antarctica if they pay me enough money,” said Vatsal Agarwal, first-year mechanical engineering student at UOIT. “As long as I’m making a difference doing something.”

More than 50 employers offering job opportunities for students attended DC-UOIT’s annual job fair. Target was due to attend but cancelled after announcing its closure of its Canadian locations.

An addition to the job fair was introduced this year called the Mentoring Lounge where students were able to meet and network with local entrepreneurs, business leaders and alumni.

“They’re looking to hire our graduates. They’re very specifically looking for people that are trained in an area that suits their business model,” said Louise Stiles, career services outreach co-ordinator at Durham College. “With that said, we did have a couple of employers there that were hiring for summer and part-time in addition.”

Some lesser-known businesses attended the job fair as well. Milestone Foster Homes is a private foster care agency that aims to find loving homes for at-risk children.

“We have a number of foster homes in the GTA area and we’re looking to employ more people to open up their homes for fostering. Obviously in the college environment it’s unlikely to find too many people that can, we actually have contract workers,” said Sue Mitchell, recruiter for Milestones Foster Homes.

“We match them with individual kids and look at the individual needs of those children and if we feel those children would benefit from having somebody who would go out and spend some time and work on a particular area, then we match them up,” Mitchell added.

Both UOIT and DC also offer year-round career services that students are encouraged to use. Both schools also have in-depth information available for students online.

DC students have access to the Hired Portal and UOIT students have access to the Student Experience, both of which include access to job resources, advisors and a variety of other services.

DC and UOIT’s online platforms also offer registration for employers to showcase job opportunities.

More information can be found at hired.durhamcollege.ca and studentexperience.uoit.ca.