It was dumb, but funny too

If you thought you saw the dumbest from Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels in 1994, you’re wrong.

The two dummies reunited 20 years later to make a sequel to the classic film Dumb and Dumber, and do not disappoint.

Carey and Daniels return as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne and continue their usual antics in pranking one another as the movie progresses.

The movie starts off at a psychiatric hall, where Lloyd pretends to have been in a vegetative state for 20 years to pull one over on Harry. This gives you a great idea of what these two dimwits will do to fool one another.

After being released from the mental institution, Harry informs Lloyd that he needs a kidney transplant, and Lloyd laughs at Harry for this condition, but then persuades him to a find a blood relative. During this scene, Bill Murray makes a brief appearance in the film as ‘Ice Pick’, a guy who shares an apartment with Harry.

The two dummies believe he is making a Cajun style ‘rock candy’ when it’s actually crystal meth. It looked like it was an episode of Breaking Bad in Harry’s kitchen.

Harry and Lloyd then learn that Harry’s old-lover, Fraida Felcher had a child she later adopted. The girl belongs to her and Harry, who obviously finds out 22 years later.
This begins the quest across the United States for Harry and Lloyd to find his daughter to get the much-desired kidney transplant.

As with the first film, killers plan to take out Harry and Lloyd, and the two dimwits are clueless of this for the duration of the movie.

This film is definitely one of the better comedy films because of the pure stupidity shown by Harry and Lloyd.

Some notable characters from the first film reappeared throughout the movie, including Billy the blind kid who lives in their apartment building. Once again, it’s clear there is no love lost between Lloyd and Billy.

But Carey and Daniels’ on-screen chemistry in this film is the real reason for its success. It’s clear that Harry and Lloyd didn’t get any wiser 20 years later, and it’s why this movie is one of the best comedies of 2014.

For those who are excited to see this movie, you should approach it with some caution. Don’t expect the film to produce a jaw-dropping storyline, as this falls under one of your typical comedy films.

But, be prepared to laugh, as the successful comeback for Carey and Daniels will leave you with a smile, and maybe feeling a little bit dumber too.