Get ugly this Christmas

The Christmas season is in full swing and that means many people are decorating their trees, making cookies and buying presents.


And a lot of people are also looking for an ugly Christmas-themed sweater.


National Ugly Sweater Day happens on the second Friday of December each year and this year it lands on Dec. 12. Clothing stores are displaying their best Christmas sweaters including ones that have the words ‘ugly sweater’ written on them with festive decorations.


Stores such as Urban Planet in Oshawa sell several different styles of ugly sweaters for both men and women.


The last few years we have barely had any and we sell out fast, so these year we have thousands,” said Colleen Bodhs, manager at Urban Planet.


There are even online stores, such as from, where you can buy from a huge selection of ugly sweaters and have them shipped directly to your door.


Ugly sweaters are extremely popular but no one really knows why.


“I think it is becoming a tradition, everyone likes to find the ugliest sweater,” said Bodhs.


A lot may have to do with the many ugly sweater parties at this time of year that often include contests for the ugliest sweater.


McLaughlin library hosted its ugly sweater party on Dec. 3 this year.


“It’s a fun thing to do, everyone likes to do things that are festive,” says Janet Vandenberg, public services supervisor at McLaughlin library.


The event invited people to come by with their ugly sweaters and make them even more ugly.


Meanwhile, Durham College is hosting its annual ugly sweater on Dec. 12.


The college holds the event at the Aboriginal Centre and they have Christmas movies, snacks and an ugly sweater contest.


Christmas sweaters are a collector’s piece. They are hard to find and people like to search for them or create them,” Peggy Forbes, aboriginal student advisor.


Ugly sweaters have become a tradition in society that is celebrated at many different parties and social gatherings.


The popularity may stem from the fact that people love competitions and sometimes even more so it is the allure of doing it for charity.


A lot of charities give a date that you should wear your ugly sweater and ask you to donate money to charity for a good cause such as Save the Children charity.


Ugly sweaters can be profitable as well, according to an article on


Several do-it-your-self people buy old sweaters from thrift stores. Then they decorate them in festive material and sell them online for $150 each.

Some work as ugly sweater makers throughout the year and support their families with the profits.



Who knows? Maybe ugly Christmas sweaters may be on their way out. There is another new craze picking up speed, which is the ugly Christmas suit.


An online retailer called sells full piece suits that resemble an ugly Christmas sweater but all over the entire suit.


Whether you wear a full suit or a sweater, make sure it’s ugly and your sweater party will be a success.


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