Showing off great graphic design




Photo by Eva Matys-Wright Some of the work done by graphic design students at Durham College.

Chances are if you attend Durham College or UOIT and pass by Riot Radio, you encountered the tall metal display filled with artwork.

The graphic design show is an art display to honour the hard work of graphic design students.

Reid Anderson, graphic design program coordinator, was in charge of organizing the display.

“We tried to keep the cost very low and we even re-used the physical display from the digital photography course,” said Anderson “The budget was around $300 but the entire project was cost effective.”

The graphic design show regularly happens during the winter but this year it took advantage of the school open house.

Many artists were featured on the display with an array of different styles.

“For the particular project of mine that was on display, I’m not entirely sure where the concept came from. It just kind of happened,” said Jared Caverly, a third year graphic design student with his work on display.

“The fact that it is black and white would be because of Toronto band The Darcys.
Caverly’s work was displayed in the graphic design show and featured all his own photography.
“We were required to use our own photography for the project, so I was with a classmate trying a number of different ideas and eventually landed on the concept of showing movement,” he said. “We ended taking a series of photos one after another while throwing blankets in the air. Sounds very strange, but it looked neat.”

The show has been running since the school open house Nov. 5th and ends Friday.

Anderson hopes for a bigger budget for next year to improve the display and show more work.