Canadian Blood Services coming to north campus

The country’s blood supply is at a ‘critically low’ status with the lowest supply since 2008 and students have the opportunity to help.

Canadian Blood Services is hosting a blood typing session at Durham College Nov. 6.

The blood typing session is open for students and faculty to attend and find out their blood type. After finding your blood type students are encouraged to schedule appointments with Canadian Blood Services nurses to donate. Canadian Blood Services will be returning to campus Nov. 13 to host a blood donation clinic.

“Every single one of us knows someone whose needed blood or blood products,” said Melissa Smith-McGuire, Territory Manager of Durham Region for Canadian Blood Services.

The blood typing session will take place Nov. 6 in the Gordon Willey building from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. If you miss the blood typing session it is not necessary to know your blood type before donating.

The blood donation clinic will take place at the north Oshawa campus in the Campus Recreation & Wellness Centre from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. If students are unavailable on Nov. 13 they are encouraged to schedule an appointment in the community to donate.

Also at the blood donation clinic will be One Match Stem Cell swabbing. There is a high demand for stem cell donations especially from ethnic males between ages 17 and 35.

“There has been many people who found matches as a result of these university swabbings,” said Smith-McGuire.

Less than 30 per cent of people in need of stem cell donations are able to find a donor within their family. The rest of donations are needed from the community.

According to Smith-McGuire 52 per cent of Canadians know someone in need of blood and only 1.8 per cent of eligible Canadians donate.

A prick in the arm and a few minutes out or your life can have the most important impact on another’s life, by saving it.