Good news for Tim Hortons lovers on DC campus

Will this be the future of Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons will stay the same in Canada even after Burger King finalizes its purchase of the company, but Aramark has some plans to make Tim Hortons on the Durham College/UOIT campuses even better.

Burger King is in the final stages of buying the Tim Hortons company for reportedly $11 billion dollars but the Burger King/Tim Hortons representative, Nick Anstett says, “As part of the proposed deal, Tim Hortons will continue to operate as an independent brand.”

They will also keep up their charity commitments and all other partnerships.

“Guests will not see any difference when they visit a Tim Hortons before or after the transaction closes. Also, there are no plans for cross-branding of Tim Hortons and Burger King products, and no plans for the co-location of restaurants,” says Anstett.

When the news was first released, people on social media were reportedly worried that their beloved Tim Hortons would be changed beyond recognition.

Durham College has seven Tim Hortons locations between the Oshawa and Whitby campuses.

Tom Watts, Senior Retail Manager for Aramark, confirmed that the Tim Hortons locations on campus would not change because of Burger King either.

Watt did say that Aramark will be implementing new things on both campuses.

“The biggest change you are going to see is we are going to start introducing Tim cards,” says Watt.

He explained that it will be a pilot and only offered at specific locations on the Oshawa and Whitby campuses right now as well as piloting the dark roast coffee.

The Whitby campus will also get its first Tim Hortons express, which will be located in the automotive shop.

Reisha Prasad, Marketing Manager of Aramark says, “We do offer different coffee options inside of our cafeterias. We have Country Style and Starbucks.”

Tim Hortons still remains wildly popular at Durham College even with other coffee options.

A new express location in the C-Wing was opened last year and has developed lines just as big as the other locations on campus.

The number of Tim Hortons on campus is directly related to the demand for them, according to Watt.

Both Prasad and Watt agree that students know and like Tim Hortons the most because it is familiar.