Durham third-year Fine Arts students invade

hird-year Fire Art Student Kevin Cormier working on a painting for the Oshawa Space Invaders exhibit.
hird-year Fire Art Student Kevin Cormier working on a painting for the Oshawa Space Invaders exhibit.

Twenty-eight students, one professor, and a UFO. Third-year Fine Arts students from Durham College will invade 39 Bond Street in downtown Oshawa for Oshawa Space Invaders.


Oshawa Space Invaders is an annual art crawl that occupies vacant spaces in downtown Oshawa and fills them with visual art open to the public.


“It’s great exposure for Durham College because it makes our program known,” says Sean McQuay, Fine Arts professor and self-proclaimed “casual curator” of the Space Invaders exhibit.


This is the second year of the event and the second year that Durham College has had an exhibit. Compared to last year, the exhibit has doubled in size due to a larger class size.


There is no designated theme for the exhibit but the students plan to pay tribute to the “invasion” theme of the art crawl. Each student will create a painting depicting a UFO that will be used to create a collaborative collection of work to be displayed at the venue.


“The idea is that it’s their own gallery space,” says McQuay.


Sara Bugden and Kevin Cormier are two of the 28 artists participating in the exhibit. They plan on featuring pieces from existing bodies of work and new additions that include paintings, sculptures and other 3-D mediums.


Each believe that Oshawa Space Invaders provides a great opportunity for students to showcase work with established artists from the community as well as the ability to present their work to the thousands of people anticipated passing through the gallery.


“Not only are we getting the opportunity to show, we get to really take ownership of the space. It strengthens our sense of community with each other,” says Cormier.


A sense of community is one of the many values upheld by Durham College. Dean of the school of Media, Art and Design Greg Murphy is a big supporter of Oshawa Space Invaders and Durham College’s involvement.


“Oshawa Space Invaders is very important to Oshawa and Durham Region. It’s a really great catalytic kind of event and last year made a big difference on how much people were aware of how rich our visual arts culture is in Oshawa,” says Murphy, who holds a Masters of Fine Art.


The Durham College exhibit, along with the other featured exhibits in the art crawl, will be available to view from September 19th to the 27th and is sure to be out of this world.

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Raechel Bonomo is a second-year journalism student at Durham College, a fashion writer and enthusiast / crafter extraordinaire.