With the end of the semester approaching, how do you plan to spend your holidays?

Reporter: Tara Hatherly

Ahmed Elhayek
Advanced Law Enforcement and Investigations
“Getting drunk, spending time with family and relaxing, and probably doing a little bit of working to save up money for next semester.”

Imran Ninad
Biotechnology Technologist
“I’ll be staying at home, chill and clean-up (my house). Nothing big. No vacation. I’m not going anywhere.”

Sandra Edobor
Legal Administration
“I’m going to drive around in my Lexus. I’m going to go to my cousin’s house. We’re just going to chill, have a family dinner and everything.”

Stephanie Rodriguez
Sport Management
“I plan to go snowboarding, if it ever snows. I plan to hit the bars a little bit, seeing as I’ve been buckling down and studying, so that will be exciting. And just spending time with family.”

Stephan Conzen
Web Development
“I’ll finally get to see my parents. They just moved to Ottawa from B.C., left me here, and I haven’t seen them since I started the semester.”