Underage drinking

There is a list you don’t want to be on: underage drinkers caught on campus.

According to the director of campus safety for Durham College and UOIT Tom Lynch, the Office of Campus Safety receives a list of everyone who has been caught drinking underage.
The campus has a zero tolerance for underage drinking. and a breach of the liquor license act could result in discipline under the student conduct policy.
Lynch recalls a time a couple of years ago when his office had a chronic underage drinker on campus and the parents had to be involved.
“If we have someone where the underage drinking is accompanied by some disruptive behaviour or further misconduct, fight, we don’t caution, we step up immediately,” Lynch said.
The two bars on campus, Shagwells on the Ridge and E.P. Taylor’s have their own policies when it comes to minors.
According to the senior manager of hospitality for the Student Association, Jamie Beagan, “A large majority of students on campus are underage, so we want to make sure we can accommodate them as well.”
According to Beagan, when it comes to nighttime at E.P. Taylors, they have a secret way to mark under-age and over-age drinkers differently.
At Shagwells on the Ridge, manager Ian Hills, said his bar is also a regular restaurant until 9 p.m. on Thursdays after which only people over 19 are allowed in.
“If minors come in it’s not a problem. If they order a drink, we’ll ask for government issued I.D.,” Hills said.
According to the Durham Regional Police, if anyone over 16 years old but under 19 is caught drinking, they receive a $100 fine plus a $20 victims surcharge.
If the person is under 16, a court appearance is required and a notification is sent to a parent or guardian. A large fine can be given to the person who supplies the alcohol.
According to Smart Serve Ontario, anyone who looks under 25 is to be asked for ID.
“We’ve got some very, very positive reaction from students that we’ve cautioned in regards to underage drinking,” Lynch said. “So much like thank you very much, I can promise you you’ll never see me again.”