Unconditional love is the best medicine

Reporter: Jennifer Walker

Unconditional love, a forever friend, a big wet kiss, companionship in the middle of the night. No, this is not your dream date but potentially one of the biggest stress relievers in your hectic, everyday life.
Owning a dog comes with expenses requires dedication and a lot of poop scooping, but the benefits to being a canine parent are overwhelmingly worth it, dog owners say. Students, families and single individuals could all have a more fulfilling life if a furry addition was welcomed into their home.
For a student, the workload that continues to pile up can potentially send them into a downward spiral. When your crazy schedule seems to be holding you back while the world moves on, life can suddenly seem lonely and anxiety ridden.
Owning a dog can provide students with a constant friend, a good laugh or some much-needed comfort.
Durham College Public Relations grad Sarah Wight is currently the volunteer co-ordinator for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Canada. She has two dogs, Penelope and Bentley and explains that without them, college would have been much more difficult.
“ I was living away from home, without my parents there. It would have been a very lonely two years without my dogs,” said Wight.
Wight explained that the bond between an owner and a dog is unbreakable.
“No matter what type of day you’ve had, you come home to someone who’s always ecstatic to see you.”
Friends can come and go, happiness can wear thin and dating can disappear just as quickly as it began. But the relationship and bond that is built between a dog and it’s owner is an unconditional love that will always be there to conquer many hurts that life will bring your way.
Wendy Harris of Port Perry says her dog has been a lifesaver for her and her disabled daughter Lacey.
“Due to the circumstances, Lacey doesn’t always have friends to turn to. Our chocolate lab is her forever friend and makes Lacey’s life happier than it has ever been,” said Harris.
Harris explained that no matter how Lacey is feeling, the dog is always there by her side and it is the dog that makes their house feel like a home.