The ‘Shwa has beauty

Reporter: Katrina Owens

If you’re from Oshawa, you sure see your fair share of characters, some memorable and some questionable. You also hear your fair share of jokes because of where you’re from. Why shouldn’t you? After all, Oshawa is known as the “armpit of Ontario.” We’re known province-wide as the people of Walmart, the druggies, the drunks and most infamously people of the ‘Shwa. But little do some people know Oshawa is much more than that.
When entering Oshawa signs say, “Prepared to be Amazed” and it’s true. People venturing into our ever-growing city should be amazed. Be amazed that our shopping centre is going through major renovations -$230 million dollars worth to be exact- or the fact that over the past few years our “infamous” downtown has become a booming area for business.
Oshawa’s entertainment scene can get you on your feet in no time. From busting moves on Shag’s dance floor to seeing big name artists such as Akon, Kiss and The Tragically Hip at the GM Centre. There’s always something to do.
Getting in shape is a breeze as well and no, this doesn’t mean running from the police. Unbeknownst to the outside world, people in Oshawa exert energy in alternative manners. With 136 parks, botanical gardens, two conservational areas and a beautiful lakefront, Oshawa is one of the region’s greenest cities. Despite being thought as a blue-collared, white, middle-class city, Oshawa is actually quite multicultural. Fiesta Week is an annual event in Oshawa. During this week the city dedicates itself to celebrating all of its cultures.
It takes a certain type of person to live in Oshawa, especially if you’re young. Many of us are thought to be descendants of autoworkers or the outcome of teen pregnancies. Contrary to popular belief, young people in Oshawa do a lot more than sit around. The shared campus of UOIT and Durham College holds approximately 20,000 students, who are up on their feet most of the time. Outside of the campus, Oshawa has an official youth council and a variety of student run organizations.
Every city is known for its quirks, bad areas and, of course, bizarre inhabitants. Oshawa is no exception to that rule but from Simcoe Street South to Simcoe Street North there’s always something to do, see and experience.
Beneath all the rumours, Oshawa is a pretty cool place to live in.