The name is ‘Molly’ and I can kill you

Reporter: Joshua Santos

Available in a powdered crystal form, pure and unmixed, it’s becoming popular in the electronic dance music scene. Her name is ‘Molly’, she’s bad.
From all across the globe, thousands of music fans poured into this event during Labour Day weekend to watch their favourite performers shred the stage, play the latest hits and party like wild animals at the annual Electric Zoo Festival.
The three-day fest, which features a wide variety of electronic dance music artists of different genres from trance to house to progressive and techno, drew more than 100,000 fans this year. While the first two days were a hit, the last day, a Sunday, was cancelled at the request of city officials.
The two who died at Electric Zoo reportedly overdosed on the new drug called Molly. Unlike Ecstasy however, which is often mixed with other dangerous drugs such as speed, ketamine or LSD, Molly is reported to be pure MDMA. As well, unlike its predecessor that is ingested in pill form, the new drug is a powder and absorbed. One dosage of 100 mg reportedly sells for $30 to $50.With the rise of electronic dance music taking over North America, it’s evident more young people want to party. Since the beginning of time, it’s been common to drink and have a good time with company all while enjoy uplifting melodies however more people seem to want to take that next step, be reckless and not give a damn except live for the night. In a sense they want to go crazy before returning to the everyday realities of work and school.
While drugs are clearly bad for you, and can led to death, too many young people are still going to take them, regardless of the consequences. If you’re going to take them, that’s your decision. However it’s essential to educate yourself and learn to moderate.