Take a bite out of the iOS7

Reporter: Andrew Fliegel

It’s sleek.
It’s fast.
It’s completely
It is Apple’s newest operating system for the iPhone, iOS7.
Since the iPhone’s birth in 2007, Apple has stuck to the same longstanding interface. Now with the iOS7, the company has completely restyled the system giving it an upbeat design and flawless performance.
The minute the iPhone is turned on, the new lock screen is completely clean. The old clunky border that was prevalent on the iOS6 has been removed, but you are still able to view the time and date, battery life, cellular reception and get quick access to your camera. All of the icons are dominant against a customizable background, which covers more space this time around. It feels fresher and less clustered, giving a sane mind when trying to access different apps contrary to iOS6.
New to the lock screen is the ability to swipe your finger up or down, bringing up two new dropdown interfaces called the Control Center. Swiping up, gives access to the music library, Bluetooth, screen brightness control, calculator, timer and a flashlight. The flashlight button activates the LED light on the back of the iPhone, eliminating the need for third-party flashlight apps.
All of these features are accessible without having to unlock the phone itself. The top Control Center remains similar to the iOS6, presenting stock information and notifications. Having these apps present, deems to be very helpful in situations when you need to find your way through a dark ally or you need to figure out how much your tipping the waitress.
Many apps have been changed from 3D images, to simple 2D images. In this case, less is more.
Across each individual app, Apple makes significant changes. Some involve a completely new layout such as the camera, text messaging and music apps, while others infuse altered hues and bubbly geometrics. It almost makes it hard to send an angry text when everything is so animated and perky.
One of the most intriguing features of the iOS7 is navigating between menus. Since the new OS uses 2D images, solid tones, and simplified iconography, it makes the stride from app-to-app smoother.
Apple’s iOS7 doesn’t fail to bring a new life to its interface while staying familiar to its core design. Regardless whether it’s running on an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or the new iPhone 5s. Using a mobile device has never been so cool, calm and visually appealing, to the point where it’s hard to get heated while texting. And above all, its design is now in the ranks with Window’s phones and Android’s for pristine clarity and vibrancy. All Apple needs to do is incorporate a fully customizable interface (similar to its rivalry) and it could accomplish a full victory in the mobile phone race.

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