Spend your rebate wisely

Reporter: Amy Valm

There’s no question that school is an investment in your future and the dawn of tuition rebates is great.
But why not make investing for your future a little bit more cost effective by catering a rebate for everyone in financial need, or catering to more opt-outs?
Students who have been out of high school for less than four years, in full time studies and from families with $160, 000 annual income or less are eligible to apply.
Many mature students or students who already attended university or college prior to their current standing have debt and pay the same increased tuition fees but are not eligible for the rebate. This seems unfair.
While I’m happy for the students who get a rebate, people like me, who graduated from high school seven years ago, are sort of shunned.
Sure tuition was less in previous years for some of us who were attending post-secondary. But we’re paying the same increased amount of money as everyone else now.
The Globe and Mail wrote an article outlining the new rebate.
In the comment section one user said that his niece booked a trip for reading week and upgraded to a better phone with the money she’ll receive from the rebate.
A Facebook update relays that once said person gets the rebate, they’re going “straight to the pub”.
Is the Ontario government rebating money so that young people can go out and waste it?
The point of the rebate is to pay off the debt you’ve already incurred, or help with the debt that you will be incurring.
The importance of investing or using the money to pay off debts should be better conveyed with this new initiative.
Like a punch, our tuition is spiked with many hidden fees.
We pay for so many little things, and aren’t always aware of what we can get in return.
Career Services for instance is available to help students improve their resume, practise interview skills, and act as a stepping-stone into the working world.
By not utilizing these services that we pay for, it’s basically like throwing money away.
Those students who can’t apply for the rebate, may as well take advantage of all the services we pay for.
Congratulations to those students who qualify for the rebate, but please spend it wisely.
Contribute it to paying off debts you’ve incurred thus far or put it into savings. It truly is a great gift that many envy.