New Event Management program

Reporter: Sinead Fegan

The tables are set, food is being prepared and guests are arriving. The event will be a huge success because of the preparation and planning behind it.
Event Management requires a number of specialized skills including elements of hospitality and tourism, sales, culinary arts and business. The industry is growing, creating a high demand for jobs in this field.
Starting in September, Durham College will be offering a new graduate certificate, Event Management. The program will be available to mature students with previous education and/or related experience.
“These students will have already learned the core elements they need to know,” said Rob Grieve, program co-ordinator. “This certificate is a great choice for students who are dedicated to learning, and ready to receive the experience they need to be successful.”
The new certificate program will be located at the Whitby campus, Centre For Food building. All of the programs within that school relate to the field-to-fork concept, in some way. Students focus a lot on green events that offer locally grown foods.
Durham College offers a similar diploma program, Special Event Planning. The two-year program began in September of 2013. It’s similar to the Event Management program, however it focuses on the basics from day one.
Event Management is a great choice for someone who plans on running his or her own business, Grieve said. About 35 to 40 per cent of students that enroll in the program plan on starting their own business. This program is a first step in doing this, because students learn the different aspects they will need to know to own a successful business.
The intake goal for September is about 30 students. Because the certificate is geared to mature students, class sizes are smaller.
“Smaller classrooms really make learning the course material more interesting for these students,” said Grieve. “Durham College is dedicated to putting students first and accessing their needs. I feel like the program will show what graduates need from us as teachers and make the learning environment more fun.”
At the end of the year the students will be assigned is a capstone project. This involves them being put into teams and using all the skills they’ve learned throughout the year to plan an event.