Movie night for climate change insight

Reporter: Sadia Badhon

The Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee is hosting a film night to raise awareness about the effects of climate change.
For the last four years, the committee has done an event in the fall related to climate change.
This year they are showing a documentary called Do the Math, followed by an expert panel discussion.
“The big thing about this film is that it really emphasizes the urgency for action on climate change,” said Suzanne Elston, senior environmental co-ordinator and policy adviser for the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee.
The expert panel will consist of professors from Durham College, UOIT and Trent University.
Elston will be speaking on behalf of the city of Oshawa and what it’s doing to combat climate change.
“Scientists have said that the tipping point for climate change is 350 parts per million of CO2 or CO2 equivalent in the atmosphere. Last summer we passed 450 parts per million. It really is about urgency. People really looking at the fact that we really need to do something,” Elston said.
With the film, they hope to inform, and instil the need for action, as well as partner with the region and education institutes.
We can already see catastrophic climate events with the flooding in Calgary and Toronto last summer.
Climate change is affecting us now, Elston said.
“I encourage people to come out and see this movie. It’s free. It’s a great opportunity to see what can be done,” Elston said.
The film will be showing at Trent University Oshawa campus on Oct. 24 starting at 7 p.m.