Making DC accessible for all

Reporter: Jeffrey NIcholson

DC says it’s concerned with disabilities of all kinds, whether physical or intellectual.
So where does Durham College stand when it comes to addressing accessibility on campus?
According to Ralph Aprile, associate vice-president of Facilities and Ancillary Services for 29 years, Durham College is leading the way when it comes to meeting the needs of the campus population.
“We’re probably ahead of the game in terms of accessibility on this campus,” said Aprile.
“We have a great student services department here on this campus which is probably the envy of a lot of other college campuses.”
However, he says it’s not a perfect world when referring to Durham’s 40-year-old building.
“If it was a perfect world and money was no object, we could do so much more.”
That’s not to say Durham College has hit any sort of roadblock when it comes to meeting the needs of its people.
To ensure everyone is always safe, Durham College meets with staff and students and implements reviews to see where they can improve, according to Aprile.
When it comes to intellectual needs, Durham College also assist students with any learning disabilities they may have, providing an equal environment for all those who attend this school.
Durham College supports any student with a diagnosed disability according to Ashley Ludlow, communications and intake coordinator.
For Durham College, meeting with students is key. Ludlow says it is important to know them as well as learning how to address their individual needs.
“For us it’s understanding the individual,” said Ludlow.
“I think our goal is just making sure people are comfortable and that knowing there is no difference between you and me,” said Ludlow. “I think that is our biggest challenge, the stigma.”

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