LGBTQ Outreach

Reporter: Kyle Carney

The LGBTQ Outreach office is a safe place for students to go when in need of help, according to services assistant John Elasigue.
He works is in an environment surrounded by other staff, all waiting to help students with a variety of issues.
The centre also offers in-house counselling for those in need of help or in crisis. These people can go to the LGBTQ Outreach office for assistance.
“The LGBTQ Centre focuses mainly on two different things,” Elasigue says. “The first one is advocacy, so if anyone has any problems, or needs someone to speak on their behalf, or needs some sort of representation. That’s what we do on campus.”
Elasigue typically sees drop-ins of people who want to just talk about things and find clarity in their issues, or those in crisis.
“Actually, rather recently, I had someone come in and they were wondering how they were going to tackle coming out to their parents.