Learning ‘better sex’ through college activities

Sexual health day took place on March 20 at the Oshawa Campus.

“We talk about sexual acts and their positive and negative impacts, and how to be more sensitive,” said Christian Aucoin, a Durham College student and volunteer at the Sexual Health Resource Centre (SHRC).

The event was hosted by the campus Outreach Services at the SHRC and ran from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Sexual Health Day was open to everyone, students and public. Free of charge and was a drop-by event, allowing students to come and go for classes.

“In a perfect world,” said Aucoin, “everyone has better sex after today.”

Students gathered for the event with open minds.
“I thought it would be cool and interesting,” said UOIT student Shreen Namatalla. “I just want to talk about it, and I want to hear people’s opinions.”

The ‘s’ word was the topic of discussion and this event provided students a safe environment.
“It’s not awkward because everyone’s here for the same reason,” said  Demi Asplotis, who studies at UOIT.

Guest speaker and owner of Good for Her sex store, Carlyle Jansen, was present with an informative speech on sex.

“We’re going to talk about when things don’t quite go the way you want them to, and how to make them work a little bit better. That’s my goal for today,” she said.

Erica Simpson, coordinator at the SHRC, was responsible for the day’s events. Her past schooling and employment has been in the field of sexual health, and plays a huge role with the Outreach Services.

“First and foremost I wanted today to be very fun,” Simpson said. Since students are sitting through classes and lectures all day, she wanted a fun and interactive event. Games such as Sexy Twister allowed students to get out of their chairs and learn about healthy sex.