Keep it moving slow-pokes!

Reporter: Hillary Di Menna

It should take me five minutes to get from the bus to my class; sometimes it takes less time as I walk quickly, being a lifelong, experienced pedestrian. Other times it takes longer due to slow-walkers. There seems to be different breeds of slow-walkers. People who think it’s cool to walk slow, people who stop once they get to their class but manage to halt the people behind them, and the friends who insist on walking horizontally.
Is it cool to walk slowly, as if where you need to go is not important? Tuition is not cheap. Most classes involved deadline dates to hand in your work. This work is graded, showing you your educational progress. Many people pay this expensive tuition and their own time to achieve an education. Where a student needs to go should be important.I call people who stop once they get to their class, the “waterholers.”
Their classmates sit in no structured shape whatsoever but in an awkward enough way that they create an obstacle for everyone else. The people who join the waterhole crowd begin to slow down and then slowly come to a stop, not against a wall, not leaving room for anyone else to pass. The people behind them are not in their class, why do they need to stop? Canadian geese travel in a V formation when migrating because it reduces wind resistance and keeps track of the group. The slow-walkers that walk together in a horizontal line create a wall obstructing the path for anyone wanting to pass. A horizontal formation does nothing to reduce wind resistance, which won’t be generated anyway at such a slow pace, and hopefully the same mind that got these individuals into a post-secondary educational establishment will not lose a group member if said member were to nudge slightly to the left.
The Canadian Physiotherapy Association says that 70 per cent of back problems start by doing daily routines, such as wearing heavy knapsacks. Trolley bags seem a healthy alternative. However, pair a trolley bag with a slow-walker and normal-pace-walkers may want to cause more than just back pain. There is a Facebook group called I Secretly Want to Punch Slow Walking People in the back of the Head, which has over 22 thousand members. We all spend our time to at school, many spend thousands of dollars. Let us share the halls.If you do not have a physical disability, pick up the pace.