Helping Oshawa improve city hall

Reporter: Tyler Richards

If you have been downtown Oshawa lately and have seen the revamped city hall building you will see that it is lacking something. Right in front of the building is a huge open space, the size of a hockey rink, with nothing but paving stones in it. A very boring and bleak look to a city that has done so much in the past.
What could be done about this dreary desert of concrete?
Nathan Phillips Square, the focal point that brightens Toronto’s city hall, has an ice rink, periodically hosts concerts and events, and has even been graced by movie stars like Michael Douglas and Mila Jovovich, in the Sentinel and Resident Evil: Apocalypse respectively.
But Oshawa’s city hall lacks the space for such ambitious projects. And while it isn’t as architecturally boisterous as Ottawa’s city hall, one thing Oshawa is not short on is talented artists.
With the R.S. McLaughlin
Art Gallery its closest neighbour, it might behoove city council to explore the possibility of erecting a sculpture or a series of historically revealing sculptures that depict scenes of all of Oshawa’s most notable and cherished memories.
Memories such as when one of the greatest hockey players in the history of the game, Bobby Orr, graced the ice of the old Civic Auditorium before his move to Boston. Or when Colonel R.S. McLaughlin helped to found General Motors Canada and created jobs for citizens of Oshawa for over a century.
With several UOIT campuses now located in downtown Oshawa and with the 407 extension to be completed in the next four years the increased traffic throughout the entire Oshawa area will increase immensely.
What will people think of our city hall? One thing is for sure. If nothing is put into that space all they will see is a barren cement wasteland.