Graphic design students put on ‘Super’ show

The Durham College Graphic Design students are preparing for their annual spring graphic design exhibit. This year it is called Super.

This is their 13th exhibit and is taking place in the Charlotte Hale and Associates gallery in Mirvish Village.
The exhibit is something that helps third-year students help establish a presence in Toronto says Brian Ho Sang, a graphic design professor.
The Third-year students create a portfolio of about 16-pieces and Ho Sang among other design professors jury the work to decide what gets in the show.
“It allows us to sort of compete with some of the schools down there, because a lot of the design programs are in the city,” says Ho Sang.
The second-year design students prepare the show by coming up with the name and theme and creating postcards and posters that are sent out to all the Durham region high schools and the major design and ad agencies in Toronto.
In the past, the exhibit opening date has had around 150 people. The exhibit is open for two weeks from April 17th to April 27th.