Graduates of Durham College share their experiences

Reporter: Jeffrey Nicholson

Graduates will share their college experience with friends or family, although it’s not often they get to win $500 for it.
Courtney Bashaw, is a graduate from the School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship & Renewable Technology (START.)
Courtney says she would like to invest her $500 on a vacation before looking into a career or advancing her education in the future.
Last month, graduating students were given the opportunity to submit their memories and experience in a short explanation.
According to Sally Hillis, annual development and alumni operations administrator at Durham College, about 10 per cent of graduating students submitted entries for the inaugural School Cup Challenge. Nearly 500 students participated in the event.
“We put this together in a short period of time…because I didn’t get the idea until Christmas,” said Hillis “We’re just going to build on it.”
Hillis and her partner, Lori Connor, alumni relations officer have been working on the School Cup Challenge since January.
Graduates who also participated in the Countdown to Grad were able to see what benefits they could apply for as alumni.
Students received memorable gifts such as a cellphone wallet with an ‘I heart DC’ logo on the front and a USB drive with 2GB worth of space.
These items gave graduates something more tangible to take with them to pair with their experience at Durham College.
Students moving into their final year at Durham College can expect to see the School Cup Challenge again.
Hillis says more time will be allocated in future to get a larger turnout.
“We have lots to learn from it and we’ll do it even better next year,” said Hillis.