Flaky symbol for our French

Reporter: Tara Hatherly

Shame on Tim Hortons.
The Canadian coffee darling proved to be anything but proudly Canadian this past holiday season.
Now I can get past no longer baking fresh doughnuts, and exponentially increasing prices for my hot drinks of choice, but this! Oh this! This was downright nasty.
When Tim Hortons 2010 holiday mug was revealed, Canadians nationwide bowed their heads in shame.
The Quebec version of the mug was blatantly and purposefully stripped of its Canadian identity: an image of a maple leaf removed and replaced with the image of a snowflake.
Tim Hortons defended its choice to defraud the mug of its Canadian citizenship, fancying the decision market savvy.
They couldn’t be more wrong.
For anyone to imply Quebec shouldn’t honour Canada in the same way as the rest of the country is very dangerous territory. For a company that relies on the allegiance of Canadians to survive, it’s just plain stupid.
Our great country deserves to be honoured over every inch of this beautiful land. If someone in Quebec doesn’t want to endorse the maple leaf, they’re living in the wrong country.
I highly doubt Tim Hortons is hurting for profits so badly that a couple of French Canadian anti-nationalists not buying their maple leaf mug would make a dent in the company’s wallet. A whole country offended by a national slap in the face? Forget dents, we’re talking craters.
Anyone removing a Canadian image from anything is grossly unpatriotic. Tim Hortons removing a Canadian image from their product in the hopes of minutely improving sales by endorsing anti-nationalism is nothing short of ignorant.
Tim Hortons may have got lucky this time, but they better shape up before their Canadian customers start shipping out.