Equality gap still exists for women

Reporter: Tara Hatherly

Equality between men and women is still a long way off.
This was made quite clear, when uproar over a woman’s impending execution in Virginia erupted into international appeals to spare her life.
Teresa Lewis died by lethal injection Thursday, Sept. 23. Lewis, 41, is the first woman to be executed in Virginia since 1912 and is one of only 11 females to meet the same fate since the death penalty was re-instated by the United States Supreme Court in 1976.
If Lewis had been a male, there would have been no such uproar. Sure, there would have been the usual protests by those against capital punishment, but no one would have the nerve to suggest a man’s life should be spared in spite of his crimes, just because he is a male. The very notion is ludicrous.
Why then, is it an acceptable argument for a female? What makes them any less evil, any more deserving of special treatment, than their masculine counterparts?
And if women would like to continue their climb to equality, it’s time to accept and enforce that reality. Being a woman does not make someone less capable or less likely to have committed a crime, just ask Lewis’ husband and stepson.
Oh that’s right, you can’t, she had them killed.