Epilepsy Durham Region organizes Grand Canyon climb

Reporter: Sadia Badhon

In October 2014, awareness for epilepsy will be taken to the ultimate heights – literally.
Epic Climb for Epilepsy in organized by Epilepsy Durham Region. Participants will climb 4,500 feet through the Grand Canyon in 12 hours.
Dianne McKenzie, executive director at Epilepsy Durham Region, is one of those participants. She started training last October and will continue doing it for a whole year to prepare for the climb. Her motivation comes from her desire to raise epilepsy awareness to the ultimate heights.
“I think it’s pretty fantastic that we are doing something like this for epilepsy from our community. We are the only ones doing something at this magnitude to showcase the desperate need for awareness and support for people living with epilepsy,” she said.
There are already 10 people signed up to go on the journey. They hope to raise $45,000 through fundraising for Epilepsy Durham Region’s Pediatric Management Program. They will also be collecting 50,000 signatures on a large flag, which will be unveiled at the bottom of the canyon.
“Each climber will be taking a photograph of a child or a person living with epilepsy. I personally am climbing for parents of children living with epilepsy. There are a lot of people climbing for children but I think parents have the hardest road to travel,” she said.
Anybody can participate and there is still time to sign up. If you want to know more, visit www.epicclimb.ca.