DRT fare isn’t fair, some students say

In an informal poll, seven of ten Durham College students surveyed feel the Durham Region transit system (DRT) is not worth the fare price.

Five female and five male students at Durham College were asked during the middle of March: As a DRT customer, do you feel you’re getting the same value for your money as a TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) customer?
The three students who said they believe the value is good related their responses specifically to the U-Pass, which is a program for students at Durham College who use their student ID like a transit pass.
Eric Medeiros, a second-year Business Marketing student, said he thinks the U-Pass is “a lot cheaper than TTC [student pass].”
Currently, a TTC monthly metro-pass for students costs $108.
Durham College’s U-Pass for 2013-2014 cost each student $154 for the school year.
Jennifer Sorichetti, a second-year Graphic Design student at Durham College, doesn’t believe the fare is worth the service, and said the “TTC is bigger and yet the prices are the same.”
Anika Campbell, a third-year Accounting student said the DRT “buses run slower, [the] TTC is more frequent.”
DRT currently operates most of its buses every half hour to an hour, and the TTC runs roughly every four to seven minutes.
Matt Whigmore, a second-year Legal Studies student, said he doesn’t have too many complaints about the bus system in Oshawa, and mentioned the stop he needs is really close to his front door.
Students who thought the DRT was not a fair deal said in order to change their minds about it, the system would need to have additional buses running more frequently, at a few cents less per trip.