Don’t stress it, kid!

Reporter: Brittney Ewasyn

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and hug someone.
Try not to pull out your hair this semester, and give the big thing called stress a punch in the gut.
What is stress? says stress is “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.”
There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, and this is what stresses people out!
It’s just everywhere consuming lives and invading conversations. The word stress is overused in workplaces, and on campus. My Facebook feed is flooded with stress-related status’s every day.
We students need to cope with stress and find ways to be carefree at the same time. Students struggle daily with deadlines, work pressures and sleep loss.
If only we could go back to the easy life.
The life of a kindergartener sounds like the life right now! Building blocks, ABCs and naptime. It’s almost impossible getting the right amount of sleep now. Caffeine seems to be the solution.
A variety of solutions may work to relieve stress.
Take a healthy approach to dealing with stress. Hug a pillow, punch a pillow, have a good cry, or listen to some hard-core music and drown out the world for a bit. These are all ways to kick stress off your plate.
Some methods don’t work, however.
For instance, you cannot go around acting moody and yelling at people you know. Trust me I know it doesn’t resolve anything or leave you feeling satisfied after. Using foul language, and gestures do not get rid of stress, they dig you a deeper hole.
Hitting your head against a wall is another example. This only hurts the wall and your head. Try to get away from causing pain, because that will just result in more stress.
If a certain someone is bothering the life out of you I’m here to give you some advice.
Just make a voodoo doll of them, or a paper-drawing cutout of them, and throw them against a wall or slowly rip the arms, legs, and head from the paper cutout. Overt violence is never the answer people.
Don’t get so caught up in life that you don’t take care of yourself! Just beat the living daylights out of stress.