Do you feel safe on campus?

Reporter: Tara Hatherly

Danae Rowan, Music Business Management
“I feel pretty safe. It’s a friendly environment. I feel like everywhere I go I can see either a teacher or security. I’m never walking outside at night by myself, but if I was, there’s enough lights on campus that I feel generally safe.”

Andrew Ristovski, Business Entrepreneurship
“I do feel safe on campus because there’s campus security, there’s campus police and nothing really bad has happened on campus for a few years. People are pretty mature on campus and respectful of others.”

Daniela Calleri, Early Childhood Education
“Yes, because we have a lot of security and we have the cops that go around. People that attempt to go against the rules and regulations in the school are usually stopped.”

Jelani Dejonge, Computer Systems Technology
“Yes, because there’s a lot of Group 4 Security guys driving around in their cars.”

Kiefer Coelho-Rampersad, Health Sciences
“I do feel safe on campus, everyone’s pretty friendly. There’s quite a few of those help phones everywhere too, they’re placed pretty well.”