CRWC hosts Justice Games

Reporter: Dan Cearns

Members of five programs in the School of Justice and Emergency services had a chance to compete in three competitions on March 20, as the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre hosted the Justice Games 2.0.
Students from Police Foundations, Protection, Security and Investigations, Fire and Life Safety Systems Technician, Firefighter, and Advanced Law enforcement and investigations played against each other in a floor hockey tournament, arm wrestling competition and a fitness competition.
Police Foundations won the floor hockey tournament and Fire and Life Safety Systems Technician were the runners up.
FLST student Tyler Roberts was named the MVP of the tournament. There were only four ALEI students registered, so they were each put on one of the other four program’s teams.
“It was pretty good, it was a good tournament all around,” he said. “Everybody played good fair hockey and I just want to thank everyone in the Justice office for holding the Justice games. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have had it, so it was a good time.”
Roberts also said that the event was a great way to meet new people that you wouldn’t otherwise interact with.
“It was really good, everybody met each other and came out and had a good time,” he said.
There were two arm wrestling fields, as they were separated into male and female rounds.
Kate Klodnicki won the female arm wrestling competition and Police Foundations student Vicky Patas was the runner up. PSI student Milosh Antic won the male arm wrestling competition and Firefighter student Cam Nancekivell was the runner up.
There was also a fitness competition, where participants had to do squats, sit ups, push ups and ball throws to best their opponents.
Organizer of the event Jason Vassell said that this event looked to expand on one they had previously held.
“Last year we did a challenge between Police Foundations and Protection Security and Investigations, and this year we decided to include all the programs in Justice and make it open to everyone and we had four teams put together,” he said.
The event was originally supposed to be held in Gyms 4 and 5, but construction work on those gyms caused it to be moved to Gym 1.