College wants students’ input on the SA

Reporter: Brad Andrews

Early the week of March 10 the college invited students to take part in a student leadership survey, seeking their views on student governance and representation.
The questions focused on matters concerning the Student Association (SA), such as what students knew about it, how they relate to it and how they wanted it to serve them. One question asked which model of student government students would prefer of three options. Two of those options were single institution models, where only the college students are represented, and one dual institution model for both UOIT and the college.
Despite the nature of the question a representative of the college denied the school is looking into setting up a new student association for itself.
According to Meri Kim Oliver, vice-president of Student Affairs at Durham College, the college is merely following up on roundtables it did during January where small groups of students were given the opportunity to give their opinions on a wide variety of issues.
She said the school continues to be concerned with governance policies in the SA as well as the lack of elected college representatives on either the board or executive. None of the representatives in the previous SA election remain in their former positions.
“Our concern is the DC student voice is not being heard in that organization,” said Oliver.
She added that the survey is not about the college’s concerns, rather hearing student views on these issues.
“We can’t speak for the students, so we’re seeking their input for future discussions with the SA,” said Oliver.
As of Wednesday morning over 800 students had replied to the survey and it could even be extended due to the foul weather that day. Students who take part in the survey have the chance to win one of three prizes of $1,000 tuition rebates.

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