Chivalry is dead when it comes to the bus

Reporter: Lori Marks

It has six wheels, carries dozens of students and can be a real pain in the butt. Yes it’s Durham Region Transit.
Sure, nobody wants to be on a crowded bus filled with 70 or so cranky students, let alone stand for the entire ride. But while most parents try to teach kids the importance of being polite, clearly some students riding Durham Region Transit have only one thing in mind, themselves.
Every day students crowd around the bus stops, and every day it’s a battle until every seat is occupied. As always, a line forms around the first person patiently waiting for the next bus to arrive.
To a person with manners, the first person waiting should get first entry onto the bus. But with certain students around, that line quickly morphs into a mosh pit.
With the giant rush of people pushing, the first girl in “line” is now lost among the swarm of boys and is forced to remove her bag in order to proceed onto the bus.
Whatever happened to ladies first or fairness? A group of guys should not be vigorously pushing and holding back a girl who technically was first in line to enter the bus.
Sometimes bus drivers tend to be on the cranky side, but can you blame them?
If the bus driver happens to step off the bus for a bathroom break all hell breaks loose with those few students who lack respect. Derogatory remarks such as F***ing jerk, a**hole, and prick are shouted towards the driver.
For anyone that is worried about a spot on the bus, there is a simple solution, take the next bus!