Changing the perception and definition of beauty

Reporter: Rebecca Watson

Bodies of all shapes and sizes are to be exposed in art form at the Love Your Body creative art show on Jan. 23. The Sexual Health Resource Centre, LGBTQ and Women’s Centre are preparing for the upcoming contest that will showcase the wondrous beauty of your body
Adopting the Now Foundations love your body campaign featured on Dove and Victoria’s Secret commercials, the Outreach programs are bringing the idea to the DC/UOIT campus. Using images of different body types or things that speak to you about body image, self-esteem and self confidence, students can prepare any type of art, including posters, paintings, sculptures or poems and anything that can be portrayed as your interpretation of beautiful. Students who are musically inclined are also encouraged to come out and perform any type of music that makes them feel good about themselves. With much of the media constantly trying to dictate the perfect “look”, students are invited to reveal their beauty and creativity, embracing themselves, whoever you are.
“What’s important is we are breaking those media stereo-types and the media’s perception on what is beautiful. We want the artwork that is submitted to showcase your perception of what beautiful is,” says Marisa Mei, event and volunteer co-ordinator for Outreach.
The art will be displayed for the show and all students are welcome to submit and show support by attending the free event. All artwork should be submitted to Outreach in room 1048 in the Simcoe Building no later than Jan. 17. Anyone interested in performing should contact Marisa Mei, event co-ordinator, at by Jan. 10.