Being a teacher and a student at DC

Imagine having a year of attending classes and being a mother of two teenage girls.

Cara Southwood, Durham College’s Children’s Literature teacher, works 24 hours a week in the CICE program while she is working on her MA in Education.
Cara also makes time to teach two classes a week and blogs on a daily basis. Southwood says she is “completely insane” but claims she would not have it any other way.
It may seem like a whirlwind of a week, but Southwood remains an A student at the top of her classes.
Her life involves extremely late hours and lots of lot of preparation.
Removing procrastination from her life keeps her sane. She refuses to do any of her homework on school time and has Facebook blocked on her Durham College laptop.
“I don’t want to resort to doing my homework at school.” says Southwood, “I pride myself in knowing I can get things done without interfering with my job.”
Organization is her secret weapon to success.
Southwood explains that she has a good outlook on life and it helps her when tackling complex situations. Despite balancing four things a week, she says she wouldn’t give it up for the world.
“It’s the perfect time in my life for this right now. I couldn’t have picked a better time in my life to attack these kinds of goals,” says Southwood.
To her, it is a rewarding feeling to get through the week with so much on her plate.
However, being such a busy women can take a toll on her relationships. It is extremely hard to keep strong bonds with friends and her spouse.
“He is a busy man as well, and it’s easy to let relationships slide when you are on such a busy schedule,” says Southwood. “I didn’t see it from that perspective when I started.”
Southwood explains that being a student and a teacher is extremely hard to have outings with her friends.
“I am really lucky to have April to August off to be with my family,” she says. “If you think of something positive in the future it helps you drive to your goals easier.”
Southwood demonstrates someone can multitask and still come out on top. She prides herself to this day of being “completely but delightfully insane.”