Arguments in gaming community

Reporter: Joe Cotrona

Gamers can’t agree on many things. They’ll argue about almost anything from which system is superior – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii – to which method of gaming is better, PC or console.
PC gamers cite the PC’s ability to upgrade frequently to improve the quality of its games and the better support for online gameplay.
It’s true that some PC games are better quality than their console counterparts. It’s also true that a PC can be upgraded fairly easily to accommodate new and improved video games.
The main problem is the cost of all its hardware. Playing PC games obviously requires a computer, either a Mac or Windows. These computers can be very costly, especially if they’re bought specifically to support gaming. And costly upgrades to the computer’s memory, sound and video cards are required over time to maintain a quality gaming experience.
But console gaming also has a few problems, including its overall game quality, its limited capacity for upgrades and its steep price tag when first released. Consoles are usually sold as is without any open way to improve the hardware. In other words, the games will all look the same until eight to 10 years later when the new console is released. An Xbox 360 and PS3 when first released were priced between $500 and $1,000, depending on the bundle purchased. Considering a video game system is limited to only playing video games, it would make sense to purchase a PC for the same price and receive Internet access, capacity for other programs besides games among other things.
What draws casual gamers to purchase consoles is the limited amount of maintenance the console requires over time. Unlike PC games, console games are developed for the current level of quality of the console on the market. Upgrades are almost never released for modern consoles and the upgrades that are released are usually not necessary. In the long run, buying a console reduces the amount of money a gamer needs to spend to enjoy top-of-the-line gameplay.
Video game consoles also have an advantage over PCs in the hardware support they receive. It’s harder for a PC gamer to get technical support because the PC is not just for gaming.
PCs will always win the video games war when it comes to quality and overall potential of the games. On the other hand, consoles can be considered superior to PCs because of their more reasonable pricing and dedicated support.