District Down rocks the house at El Mocambo

By: Aaron OToole

Oshawa’s District Down took a party bus up to their show at El Mocambo in Toronto, Feb. 18. “We do the party bus three sometimes four times a year,” said Brian Hatcher, the rhythm guitarist in District Down.
The bus left Oshawa from The Roi at 8:45 p.m. with about 40 of the band’s fans, family and friends. “Let’s get the party bus started,” said Hatcher. As he turned up his portable stereo, the bus warmed up and took off down the 401 to Toronto.
That night All But Over, Unbound and Laugh at the Fakes from Toronto hit the stage with Alyeus from London and District Down. It was a friendly and loud atmosphere all night at 464 Spadina Avenue. The artists were all predominantly heavy rock and metal influenced. Anthony Dell’ Orso and Of The Bear bookings organized the event.
On The Covers were playing 90s songs off to the side while the other bands set up on the main stage. They covered some Nirvana, Radiohead, and The Strokes hits. The crowd was enjoying themselves during each performance.
Mark Beitle, the vocalist in District Down, said, “We recently recorded a new single in Toronto.” District Down has a Facebook page that displays upcoming events and plays their music. Their performance was exciting and entertaining; Beitle is a powerful vocalist. “We don’t think we’re rock stars, but we like to have fun,” said Beitle. “We all grew up in the GTA,” said Hatcher.
“We just did a radio interview on S@Y Radio at Seneca College and we’ve been touring all over Ontario,” said Julian Craig, drummer in Laugh at the Fakes. “We just finished filming a new video.” “The songs called Little Girl,” said Everett Manson, who plays guitar and sings in the band. Their music video for Little Girl and some of their other songs can be found on YouTube.
“If you’re interested you can check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/Alyeusband,” said Andrew van der Voort, the drummer in Alyeus.
District Down play at The Eclipse in Oshawa on March. 16 with Distance in Decibels, and other great bands.

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