Photograph By: Kyle Reynolds
Photo by Kyle Reynolds DRUMMER BOY: If Looks Could Kill drummer Shawn Hawley doesn’t miss a beat as he performs for fans at the Riffs N’ Rock concert March 12 at E.P. Taylor’s.

Local bands Rock alternative Riffs

By: Kyle Reynolds

The walls and tables full of beer bottles shook to the sounds of local Oshawa rock bands at the Riffs N’ Rock event at E.P Taylor’s on March 12.
Bands included In Your Dishonour, 85 East, If Looks Could Kill, District Down, and Fallen Legion.
“I found it worked very well,” said Keirra Saffrey, organizer of the event. “There was a mix of rock, alternative, pop rock, electro and metal, so it appealed to everyone in the audience.”
Funds raised from the concert went toward the second-year Public Relations students’ annual trip to Chicago. The students have been attempting to raise $10,000 to cover the cost of the trip since September.
“I was surprised at the turnout,” said Saffrey. “The weather wasn’t the greatest and we were worried people wouldn’t show. But we had a good 70 people show up, which turned out to be our most successful event so far.”
She said roughly $300 was raised.
Each band played a 45-minute set of their original music.
According to Saffrey, the audience mostly watched from the sidelines, sipping back beer and socializing with friends. However, a handful of students weren’t afraid to get a little rowdy.
“There were a few people dancing and even moshing, so that was fun to see,” she said. “I really enjoyed it, and I think everyone else did, too.”
She said a lot of hard work went into advertising and preparing for the event. She teamed up with two other girls in her course, creating Facebook events, Twitter updates and posters.
“Most of the students agreed we put on a good show, so hopefully the word spreads and we’re able to host more shows in the future. Most of the bands thanked us and thought we did a good job, too.”
Mike Kraz, lead singer of In Your Dishonour, said he was impressed with the turnout.
“It looked like everyone was having a good time,” he said. “There were a couple times when I saw a lot of people really moving and dancing, so I like to think they were enjoying themselves.”
He said he hopes the band will be able to go on tour some time next year.
“The sooner the better,” he said. “We all obviously want to be successful. Until then, we’ll be glad to come back and play more shows.”
“If you’ve never heard them before, I encourage you to have a listen,” said Saffrey. “Even if you’re not really into rock, each of these bands offer something unique and fun to the stage.”

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