TKE SPIRIT: Members of the TKE fraternity take time out during their manhunt event to stop and pose for a group picture.

Frat boys make a difference


Manhunt, capture the flag, walk a mile in her shoes, lupis charities, these are just some of the events that Tau Kappa Epsilon: Upsilon Eta has taken part in since it began on campus in 2004.
The fraternity became involved in raising money for lupis because one of its members has the illness. They raised $700 at the last lupis fundraiser.
Some other events that are coming up for the fraternity are a couple of road hockey games on Nov. 17 and Nov. 29, a jump-a-thon on Nov.20, TKE Olympics on Nov. 22, Walk a Mile in her Shoes fundraiser on Nov. 28, and just before Christmas break they are hosting a secret Santa event on Dec. 3.
Upsilon-Eta is one of TKEís newest and is the largest chapter in Canada. Gaining its colony status on April 17, 2004 with 20 members.
It now has a membership of over 80 men and accepts pledges from Durham College, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, as well as Trent in Oshawa, according to the fraternityís website
The colony had a hard start as they spent the next year trying to go from 20 members to the 35 that Tau Kappa Epsilon requires for chapter status to be granted.
They also had to raise the money for chartering expenses.
This phase of the chapter had a helping hand through a contact made by TKE frater Nick Forrest.
Forrest met Michael Clarke, husband of former local politician Cathy Clarke, and it was through that meeting the chapter helped the Clarkes lower their basement to raise funds.
Four months, hundreds of man hours, and thousands of pounds of dirt later the students had all the money they needed, and the Clarkes had a new basement. The colony finally become a chapter in April 2005.
The current executive are all UOIT students: Prytanis (president) - Kirk Megna enrolled in M.A.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering, Epiprytanis (vice-president) - Rick Scrannage, currently also is in Nuclear Enigneering, Grammateus (secretary) Ė Drew Pirie, enrolled in IT security, Crysophylos (treasurer) - Nick Vetrone, enrolled in Commerce (accounting), Hypophetes (chaplain) - Daniel Vicente, enrolled in Health Science, Histor (historian)- Ranil Patel, enrolled in Automotive Engineering, Pylortes (sergeant at arms)- Brad French, enrolled in Criminal Justice, and Hegemon (educator) - Andrew Stewart, in Nuclear Engineering.
Tau Kappa Epislon was founded on Jan. 10, 1899 at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington Illinois.
In May 18, 2008 the TKE fraternity had a membership of 245,421 in 271 chapters and colonies throughout Canada and the United States.
There have been some famous members of TKE over the years.
According to vice-president and media relations officer Rick Scrannage. Elvis Presley, former U.S. president Ronald Regan, Roy Jones Jr., and even the head of the Hilton Hotel chain, Conrad Hilton.
TKE isnít the typical frat seen in movies.
They are not big on drinking, Scrannage said ďWe donít promote drinking. Some of our members choose not to for either religious reasons or just simply Ďcause they do not want to.Ē
As for academics they will not take anyone who has a GPA of lower than 2.0.
ďWe donít want to put more stress on the other members who strive to help others study,Ē Scrannage said.
To learn more about the fraternity or how to join, you can either go to the international website for TKE at or the local chapterís website at
If you attend Durham College, UOIT, or Trent you can just flag down someone wearing a TKE shirt, as they are probably members of the fraternity.
Looking toward the future of the organization they have many plans in the works, as they not only try to forge a bond with the college and university but with the community itself.
They have plans to participate in the walk a mile in her shoes program as they did last year,
As well,as trying to put together an initiative to help clean up the Durham College cafeteria.

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