TKE’s heels are made for walking

By: Amy England

One of the male fraternities from UOIT with the support of the Women’s Centre will walk in women’s shoes to help raise awareness and money for Violence Against Women Month.
On Nov. 29, men from Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) are hosting an event, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. Men from the fraternity will wear high heel shoes, and walk around campus campaigning to stop violence against women. The event will start off in the UA west atrium at 2 p.m.
“We think it is a really good cause,” said Adam Lipchitz, TKE president. “As a male fraternity it is important that we fight for gender equality and take responsibility as men for the role we need play in fighting to stop violence against women.”
TKE has been a growing fraternity on campus since it was first founded by Ron Jalenski, from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in October of 2004.
“It is so important that we have men involved, since the majority of violence against women is perpetrated by them,” said Allison Hector-Alexander, director of the Women’s Centre.
The Women’s Centre, which opened in the fall, is a safe haven for women and offers counseling, information and support for women who have been abused.
The United Nations declared in 1993 that violence against women can include physical, sexual or psychological abuse, or threats of those acts.
According to Statistics Canada, 7 per cent of women in Ontario have experienced some form of spousal assault over the last five years.
“People do not report as much as they should, that is a big reason why the stats are so low,” said Hector-Alexander.
Hector-Alexander has also seen an increase in the number of women who have been stalked by their partners. According to Statistic Canada 61 per cent of Canadian women have experienced stalking.
“We want to raise awareness and have people speak out on this issue,” said Hector-Alexander. She is pleased to see that more men are taking interest in this cause.
“The goal is to raise awareness and all the money will be donated to the Women’s Centre,” said Lipchitz.
For more information contact Adam Lipchitz at

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