Looking for Halloween events in Durham Region?

By: Lindsey Evanoff

For students who feel theyíre too old for trick-or-treating, donít fret! Youíre never too old to enjoy a bone-chilling Halloween. Thereís always a classic house party or a Friday the 13th marathon, but for those looking for something different, yet still spine tingling, there are plenty of events happening this Halloween.
E.P. Taylorís is hosting two Halloween parties this year. Halloween Jam 3 Ė Get Your Freak On will take place on Friday, Oct. 28 and will feature live bands and cash prizes for best costume. It is a 19-plus event and tickets are sold in the Tuck Shop for $3 or $5 at the door. More than 500 people attended last year so itís probably a good idea to get tickets before they sell out.
E.P. Taylorís second Halloween pub night is on the actual night of Halloween. This event is free and also all ages. There will be contests, prizes and free candy all night.
For students wanting to journey off campus, most bars in the area have Halloween nights on the weekend before Halloween.
The Corral is having a Halloween Monster Bash on Friday, with lots of prizes, including three authentic hockey jerseys and ladies gift sets. Le Skratchís Halloween bash is on Saturday and Catch22 is having a Devilís Night Freak Show Party on Sunday featuring a live freak show with guests such as the Great Orbax, Nutzo and a special mystery freak. Advance tickets can be purchased for $8 at Catch22 or $10 tickets can be bought at the door. Anyone looking for some good old-fashioned family fun can check out Pingleís Farm Market on Taunton Road in Hampton.
They offer a corn maze year round but around Halloween they turn it into a haunted maze with live actors to scare the daylights out of guests. They also have wagon rides, scarecrow making and pumpkin and fresh fruit picking.
And for students who crave hair-raising excitement thereís always Screemers at Exhibition Place in Toronto or Paramount Canadaís Wonderlandís new FearFest Haunted Theme Park.
Screemers will be open every day up to Halloween until 11 p.m. (midnight on weekends) and will feature Vlad ďDraculaĒ the Impaler Ė an execution of evil, terror in 3D, the asylum, haunted house, castle of doom, black hole, the maniac maze and a midway of madness with carnival rides. Admission prices are $27.95 but there are coupons available at www.screemers.ca
The FearFest Haunted Theme Park will be open at Canadaís Wonderland every weekend until Halloween. Theyíre offering three bone-chilling and horrifying themed areas, new attractions, rides, mazes and more than 100 scaractars (or scary characters). Also, thrill rides such as Drop Zone, Minebuster, Top Gun, Vortex, Psyclone and of course the Ghoster Coaster will also be open.

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