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Photograph By: Raechel Bonomo

Author Paula Todd stopped by the Whitby Public Library June 18 to talk about her new book exploring online bullying.

Online bullying is offside

By: Raechel Bonomo

WHITBY Ė Paula Todd, author of Extreme Mean: Trolls, Bullies and Predators, a book about online bullying, stopped by the Whitby Public Library to discuss why she believes that even through the cyberbullying epidemic, there is still good left in the Internet. ďIíve been a writer for 20 years and this is just so exciting,Ē says Todd as buzzing guests entered the lecture room. Todd was there with Blue Heron Books on Thursday, June 18 to talk about her new book as part of a series of lectures presented by the Whitby Public Library. In addition to being an author, Todd is also a lawyer, professor and journalist and became a household name when she was the first to locate the whereabouts of Karla Homolka. Followed by this discovery, Todd herself became a victim of cyberbullying. She began to receive criticism from people who believed that tracking her down was wrong. ďI started to get hate mail telling me I was picking on Karla Homolka, the serial killer,Ē says Todd. Two years in the making, Extreme Mean discusses cases of... Full Story »

Photograph By: Allissia Le Henaff

SOULFUL SINGING: Shanika Maria won Songs Revealed with her stripped-down folk songs.

Singing talent on display at Reel Music

By: Frank Thickett

While many college students are busy prepping for big presentations and exams, some of the students of Durham Collegeís Music Business Management program put together a very different kind of assignment. The Songs Revealed contest is a song writing competition judged by music industry professionals that puts local talent on the stage, a stage which MBM students need to assemble, outfit, and advertise. A major attraction at this yearís contest was the eveningís host. Lauren Toyota of Much Music and MTV fame came back to her alma mater to lend a hand with the show. Toyota, a graduate of the MBM program, said she was happy to be giving back to the school that gave her so much. The contest focuses on songwriting more than the performance so the judges had many things to consider as they waited for the performances to begin. ďIt depends on the musicality,Ē said Lindsay Dworkin, one of the judges and a talent scout for Sonablast Records. ďMy job is not to lose the record labelís money,Ē she said. ďIs it marketable? Does it fit... Full Story »

Photograph By: Olivia Da Silva

ATHLETIC SCHOLARS: Scholastic Award winners Rizwan Thawer and Heather Murphy stand proudly with their awards in hand.

Athletes celebrated for academic success

By Olivia Da Silva

A luncheon dedicated to student-athletes at UOIT took place on March 25, but instead of celebrating their abilities on the courts, fields or rinks, it was for their dedication to hitting the books. In total, 31 students were presented with an All-Academic Award in honour of their grades. The average GPA among the 200-plus athletes at UOIT is 2.7, or a B-. Eighteen of those athletes maintained a GPA of 3.7, an A-, or higher. Alongside the All-Academic Awards were the Top GPA Awards and the UOIT Scholastic Awards. The Top GPA Award celebrated the two students (one male, one female) with the highest GPAs in each sport. The UOIT Scholastic Award was presented to the male and female students with the highest GPA overall. This yearís winners of the Scholastic Award were Heather Murphy of the Tennis team, and Rizwan Thawer of the Soccer team. Murphy, a fourth year Kinesiology student, said itís a balance to try to keep up with both sports and school. ďYou just have to really commit to what youíre doing in both aspects. Get... Full Story »

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